Pest Control Richmond Hill

Our exterminator services are one of the best in the market. While we crow about our experienced extermination staff, we also promise to provide you with excellent customer service. If you are facing any kind of pest problems that include cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and mice infestation, contact us for a guaranteed and satisfactory extermination service.

We use the latest and safest extermination methods to not only rid you of those pesky pests that are invading your personal and office space, but we also help you control infestation in the future, so you can say goodbye to your problems for good.

You can call our technician today and our team of licensed exterminators will visit you, examine your property and suggest the best solutions as options.

At Exterminator Richmond Hill, we provide you with inspection and treatment of:


A safe, quick and affordable extermination method to get rid of cockroaches. This helps you create a clean and healthy space for you and your family.


Mice infestation is a threat to property and health. Rodents can multiply at a very high rate and are known to spread dangerous diseases as they carry hazardous bacteria. Our licensed exterminators will provide you with long lasting solutions, so you can confidently rely on our services for your family’s health and safety.

Bed Bugs

With the multiple treatment options we provide, you can be assured of a complete extermination and removal of these pests that impede the safety and protection of your family.


We provide extermination and control treatments for carpenter ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, and more. The methods and extermination products used to eradicate your ant problems are most powerful. This guarantees extermination of ants and also helps in further controlling the return of these pests to your home or office.